What we do


Our goal as a turnaround fund is to offer the best solutions for promising companies in need. We achieve this by stepping in as a highly committed shareholder with a great deal of expertise, experience, network and capital. The interest and continuity of the company is always the starting point, but we take the interests of all stakeholders into account. We can act quickly, because we know the process and will go through it in a structured way. We have set specific investment criteria that a company must meet. The process will start with the draw up of a clear and concrete plan. The approach and support of the company’s recovery and further growth will be done in a clear, phased and measurable way: the SECONDWIND/ROADMAP.


  • Does the company meet our investment criteria
  • What is the problem and what measures are necessary
  • Extensive feasibility analysis
  • A supported solution by all stakeholders
  • Execute concrete measures
  • Capital contribution
  • Stakeholder management
  • Clear strategic choices:
    • Stop with the parts that are losing money
    • Invest in future growth
  • Implement structural improvements:
    • Financial, operational and commercial
    • Lower the risk
    • Close cooperation with (improved) management
  • Focus on growth:

    • through strategic re-orientation
    • through its own distinctive character
    • through strategic fit with other companies
  • Selling to management or third parties

With the SECONDWIND/ROADMAP we offer a structured and standardized approach, which leads to success for all parties involved in three clear phases. We make the company healthy, let it grow in quality and profitability, so that the continuity of the organization is guaranteed for the long term. For investors this means an excellent return of investment and the certainty that something good has been done with their invested capital.
After a thorough and careful analysis, a company is selected, next the negotiation and buying process will start as soon as possible. After the purchase, capital is brought in and the turnaround process starts immediately. Based on the earlier analysis, first improvement measures are implemented as soon as possible. Naturally, the focus in this phase is on cost control, organizational structure and staffing. However, we are not cold-hearted remediators and have the long term of the organization strongly in mind. The emphasis will be on this even more so in the next phase.
The strategy will be developed further and concrete choices will be made, so that the direction of the company is clear to everyone. Our aim is to develop and grow the business in quality and profitability. In this process we involve all the relevant stakeholders at the earliest possible stage (think of: management, employees, suppliers, banks, customers and the other shareholders). As a result, everyone will be heard, clarity is created and we create support for the choices that will be made. Structural improvements will be made as the phase progresses, meanwhile the strategy will be further implemented.
Emphasis is on the structural growth. Autonomous or in collaboration with strategic partners. In the course of this phase, our added value will be realized and opportunities will be explored to grow the company concerned further by selling to management or third parties.